Ethical question # 1: extending a hand

'How do you decide when to help people in need?' INDIGO communities - including citizens of Beechworth, Chiltern, Rutherglen, Stanley, Yackandandah and hamlets - are being encouraged to explore questions of ethics with this week’s release of the first challenge that leads into the Kerferd Oration in Beechworth on July 19. The oration committee usually hosts … Continue reading Ethical question # 1: extending a hand

2015 / Dr Simon Longstaff AO

Kerferd Orator questions indifference and invisibility 7 May 2015 IF you saw something being done that was wrong, would you speak up or just mind your own business? Would you tell a friend the truth, even if you knew it would hurt them? How do you arrive at your decision? These questions are all about … Continue reading 2015 / Dr Simon Longstaff AO