2020 Kerferd Oration Project Report

This year’s Kerferd Oration will explore the role young Australians have in providing leadership within our communities and how we might better hear their voice in all of our economic, social and political decision making processes.

The Kerferd Oration Committee, auspiced by Quercus Beechworth,has sponsored a project this year to inform this Oration about young people and leadership.

We recognise that young people will be critical in helping to manage the far-reaching social, economic and political impacts resulting from current and recent events and that they must be engaged at every level of government and the community, if we are to successfully recover from the local and global events of this year. 

You can read the full project report here

The 2020 George Briscoe Kerferd Oration,  “The Australia We Want”, will be delivered by Cathy McGowan AO on Sunday 29 July 202 at 11am.  
In order to protect the health of all of our valued Kerferd Oration ‘family’, this year’s event will be offered as a livestream event only

We warmly invite you to watch the Oration live at 11am on 26 July.
In the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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