2020 Kerferd Oration Project Report

This year's Kerferd Oration will explore the role young Australians have in providing leadership within our communities and how we might better hear their voice in all of our economic, social and political decision making processes. The Kerferd Oration Committee, auspiced by Quercus Beechworth,has sponsored a project this year to inform this Oration about young people … Continue reading 2020 Kerferd Oration Project Report

Indigo – from the mountains to the river – influence your future

Nearly 40% of Indigo consists of young people aged under 30. Who are you, and how do you participate in the Indigo Shire? How do you see COVID-19 changing the way you live your life? What does the Australia you want look like? This is a call out to all individuals who live in Indigo … Continue reading Indigo – from the mountains to the river – influence your future

2020 Orator Announced

Former independent Member for Indi, academic and rural consultant, Cathy McGowan AO, will deliver the 2020 George Briscoe Kerferd Oration in July in Beechworth. Oration Chair, Karenne Thistleton, said she was delighted that Ms McGowan had agreed to deliver the Oration. “In 2006, Cathy delivered a very successful Oration which showed that communities could enrich … Continue reading 2020 Orator Announced

The Kerferd Oration 2003 – 2012

The George Briscoe Kerferd Oration was inaugurated in 2003 by the citizens of Beechworth to commemorate the sesquicentenary of the naming of their town. The purpose of the Kerferd Oration is to promote a culture of community discussion through sharing knowledge. The Oration brings to local people an emerging issue presented by an eminent speaker … Continue reading The Kerferd Oration 2003 – 2012