Kerferd Oration 2022


This year is the 20th consecutive annual George Briscoe Kerferd Oration. What a very special achievement for our community!

The George Briscoe Kerferd Oration has developed into a unique community event that has strong, regional, state-wide and international following. Even during Covid lockdowns hundreds of people logged in to watch, learn and connect through the Kerferd Oration.

Peter Hutton will deliver the 2022 Oration, “Australian Education: How did we get here and where are we going?”, on Sunday 31st July, 11am at the George Kerferd Hotel Beechworth and via Livestream.

Peter is a maverick, a free radical, a challenger of the status quo. His strength is in transformational insight and supporting educational leaders to build innovative and adaptive cultures in schools. Peter co-founded the Future Schools; a global collaboration of innovators aligned to transform learning communities and co-evolve the future of education. Future Schools now includes a community of over 100 member schools, including ten of the most innovative schools in the world. Peter was the former Principal of Templestowe College, one of Australia’s most innovative schools.

Education has been discussed as a topic for many years within the committee.”, stated chair Jessica Oldmeadow, “Regardless of whether you are currently engaged with the education system or not, how it is delivered and how effective it is has a massive impact in our communities. The Education System is a major part of our lives, economy, and social expectations, starting with those as young as 6 weeks old, in early education settings, through to lifelong learners at U3A. We could hold another 20 years of Orations focused on education alone!

So why now? Covid exposed the Australian community to an alternate way of delivering education and prompted mass re-evaluation of societal values and individual’s priorities. What is ‘essential’ work? Is that what we are preparing our children for? Does our work and education need to be restricted by physical boundaries? Are schools the best places for young people to socialise? Do we value our teachers enough?

As a community, do we simply slip back to the ‘norm’ of what we believe education to be? Or has covid given us an opportunity to explore the possibility for change? That’s the discussion we’re hoping to open with the community at the Oration this year”.

The Kerferd Oration is a free community event, thanks to our sponsors, Indigo Shire Council, La Trobe University, WAW Bank and Quercus Beechworth.

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